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Pet Dental Care

Just like human beings, dogs, cats and other pets need to have their teeth taken care of in order to maintain great dental health throughout their lives. Strong, healthy teeth will help them chew and ...
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Are Dog Vaccinations Really Necessary?

We all love our dogs. Regardless of their size, they have a gigantic place in our hearts. We buy them the best food we can afford, spend our free time walking and playing with them and groom them regu...
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Summer Fun in the Sun with your Fur-Baby at the Beach!

Summer finally arrived this year, just in time for the Christmas holidays! There's nothing better at this time than to visit the beach with your dog. Don’t spoil a great day out though by being ill-pr...
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All About Pet Desexing

Care and nurturing are key elements to keeping your beloved pet happy and healthy. As a result, sometimes it’s necessary to book them in for a procedure that may not be pleasant in the moment — but th...
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Nexgard Summer -Snap Your Pet!

Photo Competition and Win Prizes of Nexgard/Spectra I’m excited to let you know about our summer photo competition. This December and January, Mittagong Vet Hospital and NexGard are offering some g...
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