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Thursday Featured-Felines

Introducing our Thursday featured-felines; ‘The Pensive Girls’: Lucy Dolores the ragdoll and Lucy the ‘domestique’ shorthair grey.  Miss Lucy Dolores had her Springtime Kitty-haircut; she now looks a...
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Big Trev!

Meet Big Trev, the blue Staffy! We dare you to find a happier dog in the Highlands today.  Impossible! Big Trev’s colouring may be ‘Blue’ but there’s absolutely nothing down about this big boy. Just...
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Happy Ferret Friday!

Happy Ferret Friday! Meet Luna & Piettro, Mittagong’s sable & fawn dynamic-polecat-duo. Modern folks can be a bit undecided about the ferret, however, these little darlings’ ancestors were once very ...
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Mighty Minnie the Maltese

Meet Minnie the Maltese Terrier puppy.  Minnie dazzled the staff at Mittagong Vet this week in her snazzy sparkly soft-pink activewear (she’s bang on-trend and going places in that outfit).  Minnie ...
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TerraCycle Wednesday

TerraCycle Awareness Recycling Packaging Program with Royal Canin Our clinic-cat ‘Bruce the Grey’ is super impressed we’ve got yet another box of  Royal Canin recycling being shipped to TerraCycle Au...
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Ringtail Possum Magic!

Viewer Warning! This image contains extremely adorable content of a baby Ringtail Possum. This little baby Ringtail Possum was brought into Mittagong Vet this weekend by a wonderful local. Found on i...
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