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Mary Oliver Honours Dogs Poetically

Today we celebrate the International Day of the Dog! Which other domesticated beast has so fondly captured our hearts & imaginations? For over 15,000 years, the care & companionship we’ve developed &...
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Desexing? Who? Me?

“OMG: Woe is me...” Dachy Lydia was completely forlorn whilst brother Bernard incredulous (& a bit discombobulated) when dropped off for their desexing to Mittagong Vet.   Sorry but your Hooman book...
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Paralysis Ticks - Southern Highlands and Beyond

Paralysis Ticks - Southern Highlands and Beyond Did you know that parasitic ticks are their most toxic at the start of the 'season' - being the beginning of Spring?  (Late August to early September)....
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Ticks and Nexgard Promotion 2021

Dear Valued clients & pets During lock down and moving into spring, we may want to enjoy more walks with our dogs. Our local nature reserves are an excellent place to de-stress and ‘get away from it ...
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Great Tails

Watch this space (category) for fascinating stories our wonderful patients!
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