Your local Mittagong Veterinary Team of Mittagong Veterinary Hospital.

The staff of Mittagong Veterinary Hospital are here to serve you and your beloved pets.  We all have pets of our own and each comes with a wealth of experience to serve you to the best of our ability. We recognize the importance of the human-animal bond and will do our utmost to see you and your loved ones healthy and happy.

Empathy, Diversity, Equality, Partnership, Community, Adaptability and Courage.


Keith McKellar Stewart BVSc(Hons) Sydney 1981

Senior Clinic Veterinarian

Keith began his career at the Mittagong Veterinary Hospital in 1982, having graduated with honours in 1981. After two years working as an associate at the Mittagong Veterinary Hospital, Keith purchased the hospital from Drs Rob and Jennie Churchill BVSc(Hons).

Keith has dedicated his life since then to serve the local community - both owners and their animals.  Once a veterinarian who attended both large farm animals and domestic pets, Keith now concentrates his attention on domestic pets, (and assists wildlife care, through WIRES).  Keith maintains professional standards by continuing education and pursues professional development/training in all fields of veterinary medicine and surgery.

If your pet requires a specialist, Keith will direct you to the best registered specialist veterinarians of the field available. 

Keith has taken an interest in community veterinary development in countries such as India, Nepal and Uganda and has made a number of trips to these countries. Keith has a strong sense of social justice and equality within our Australian community supports AMRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities), Vets Beyond Borders and Pets in the Park



Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate II and IV Veterinary Nursing)

Bright eyed, bubbly, extraordinarily caring and competent, Brittany has all it takes to make you and your pets feel appreciated and looked after to the highest standard. 

Brittany is devoted to animal care and is an asset to our team.  When not nursing Brittany will be found cuddling her own cats 'Lady', a gorgeous calico cat. (Not the cat in the photo, who is 'Bruce', one of our clinic cats) and her new addition 'Maple', a lovely maple syrup rescue cat.  We congratulate Brittany in her obtaining her cert IV certificate in 2022!! In 2023, 2024 and beyond, Brittany will be here to love and serve you and your pets.

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