Emergency Procedures

Upon arrival, your pet will be assessed by one of our veterinarians. We will aim to provide an estimate of the costs involved with your case, however, please be aware that with emergency procedures costs can vary depending on what services and treatments are required. Our veterinarians will keep you updated regularly during the course of your pet's stay in hospital. In some cases we may need to refer to a veterinary specialist centre or 24-hour emergency facility.

Please contact us to discuss our after-hours arrangement, it’s always nice to know this information before you actually need it.


What is considered an emergency for a pet?

Emergencies can arise from many different situations with your pets, but when it happens, it is good to know what animal emergency services are available for your pet.. The most commonly experienced situations at Mittagong Veterinary Hospital include pets being hit by cars, accidental ingestion of poison or food poisoning with vomiting and diarrhoea or tick and snake bites, plus many others. . If you are experiencing any of these or other emergencies with your pet, please contact our animal emergency services veterinarian, Dr Keith McKellar Stewart..

What symptoms should I watch out for?

Your pet being ill can cause extreme stress and sometimes panic for owners. If your animal has ingested something that you think might be poisonous, then it is important to watch for symptoms such as persistent vomiting or diarrhoea. There are other types of emergencies that result in a variety of symptoms, including loss of consciousness, seizures or sudden changes in behaviour or temperament. When you notice these symptoms, it is highly valuable and important for our team that you track these symptoms and provide us with as much detail as possible, before you dial us and before you arrive at our animal emergency centre.

What should I do if my pet has an emergency?

If you require emergency services, you should immediately telephone our clinic and follow all instructions. Time is of the essence when your pet is sick, so it’s important that you seek treatment for them as soon as possible. Our experienced team is highly knowledgeable in animal emergency services but if they are not able to provide what your pet needs, we will ensure that your animal remains stable enough to be moved on to a specialist who can help. Mittagong Veterinary Hospital has at least 3 specialised Emergency Veterinary Centres, to whom we refer patients.

What is your process upon arrival of my pet and myself at your hospital?

Firstly please park in our car park accessible from Albert Lane. (See our location map (link). When you come to the Mittagong Vet with an emergency, your animal is our top priority. We will assess the damage or illness to your pet, and triage as needed. Your complete details will be recorded and please inform us if you have pet insurance.. We will provide you with approximate costs as soon as we can. The most important part is ensuring that your pet receives the correct treatment that it needs, which could potentially save its life.

Is your emergency facility 24 hours?

The Mittagong Veterinary Hospital is not an ‘always open’ 24-hour facility. We provide a 24hr answering service and are usually available to come into the hospital and clinic if needed, following triage by telephone. Our experienced veterinary team is available from Monday to Saturday, and is on roster for nights and Sundays, to take care of all your pet emergency requirements. If the circumstance arises that we are unable to help with your pet’s condition, we will refer you to the required specialists or 24-hour emergency centres who may be more equipped to help with your animal emergency. Please, always contact our team on (02) 4872 2028 to discuss the situation before visiting our emergency centre (no-one lives on site - please do not just turn up).


Emergency After Hours Specialist Centres - please check www and phone first:

Animal Referral Hospital:

  1. Homebush (02) 9758 8666 
  2. Baulkham Hills  (02) 9639 7744
  3. Wollongong (02) 4283 8432
  4. Canberra (02) 6280 6344

Veterinary Specialists of Sydney (VSOS)

  1. Miranda (02) 8376 8767

Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH)

  1. North Ryde  (02) 9199 7250
  2. Prospect (02) 9061 6836