The following websites are recommended for further reading:

Australian Animal Poisons Hotline

The Australian Animal Poisons Helpline is a non-profit charitable organisation that provides rapid, up-to-date and evidence-based poisoning advice to pet owners.

The service is FREE for all pet owners in Australia and New Zealand and aims to reduce the morbidity and mortality that is associated with animal poisonings by:

  •  Providing rapid and up-to date poisoning first-aid, triage and treatment advice to pet owners
  •  Increasing public awareness of products that are poisonous to animals
  •  Engaging in poison prevention and community outreach programs
  •  Reporting to and collaborating with regulatory, government and professional bodies
  •  Participating in ongoing animal toxicology research

Phone 1300 869 738

Cornell Feline Health Center

Articles, brochures, and videos about cat health and behavior.

Pet Health Network

Comprehensive professional advice on pet care, including checkups, treatments, and diseases. 

Pets and Parasites

Recommendations for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitic infections. 

PubMed: Veterinary Search

PubMed search filtered to veterinary subject resources.

VCA Hospitals: Know Your Pet

Library of in-depth articles covering dog and cat conditions, procedures, and medications.

Veterinary Partner

Source of in-depth clinical articles on pet care for veterinarian professionals and students.


Expert advice on dog and cat care, health issues, and training.