Today we welcome Winston & Pickles, the Scottie dogs, to the Mittagong HQ of Scotland Yard!

Today we welcome Winston & Pickles, the Scottie dogs, to the Mittagong HQ of Scotland Yard!

The feisty Tweens kept bedazzling us with their rugby-grapple-tackles and scrums. Dr Keith’s Scotties Ellie and Billy joined in, too. So much fun & games, we nearly forgot we were meant to be working in a serious animal hospital. Woops! The two are so much fun, we’ve unanimously voted Winston & Pickles are our #FridayStar

Fun scottie facts: #DidYouKnow 

Scotties have lived in the White House more than any other breed of dog, over 3 times, which makes us wonder who was really running the show for most of the 20th Century...?  The Scottish Terrier (also known as the Aberdeen Terrier) dates back to 1432, when the chunky little bagpipes-with-teeth were first recorded (source: Don Leslie’s epic thrill-a-minute ‘History of Scotland - 1436-1561’). Legend has it that they’ve ‘absorbed the spirit of Scotland’. They’re feisty, independent, aloof, alert, very intelligent, supremely stubborn, no nonsense, confident, a touch territorial, fearless, and fun-loving when it suits them. They have a penchant for taking over the human bed and digging up the garden bed. Although they’re a bit of a Thistle on the outside, they’re very sensitive on the inside. Never get gruff or chastise a Scottie, they hold a long grudge and are easily offended. Although they sound like hard work, people who’ve been adopted by their Scottie dog (yes, that’s the way it works with them) are fully hypnotized by the breed thereafter. Just ask President F.D. Roosevelt & Eleanor Roosevelt, May Gibbs, George W. Bush, David Bowie, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Queen Victoria, Jackie O, Rudyard Kipling, Dwight Eisenhower, Cary Grant, Tatum O'Neal, President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, E.B White, Dorothy Parker, Julie Andrews, Dustin Hoffman, Aussie Artist Lindy Lee, and Aussie-Malaysian cook Poh Ling Yeow. 

When you’ve been adopted by a Scottie you discover you’ve been accepted into a special, one-of-a-kind, oh-so-true Scottish heart. We love the Scotties; The Least boring dog in the universe!

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Scotties of Mittagong Veterinary Hospital