Ticks and Nexgard Promotion 2021







Dear Valued clients & pets

During lock down and moving into spring, we may want to enjoy more walks with our dogs. Our local nature reserves are an excellent place to de-stress and ‘get away from it all’. It’s also a good time to consider the onset of tick season. 

I recommend that your pet is treated with a high quality tick prevention before Spring begins as a tick’s toxin is often most noxious (stronger) at the beginning of the season  - which starts in early September. The warmer days (and lockdown restrictions) may mean we take advantage of local bushland to walk our dogs, making them vulnerable to picking up parasites such as paralysis tick. 

I’ve seen many young, robust dogs extremely sick in the hospital, and also die, as a result of not being covered for paralysis tick. Whilst many ticks in the Southern Highlands are bush and brown ticks, paralysis ticks are also found wherever there is bushland. There have been cases from Kangaloon, Robertson, Fitzroy Falls, Bundanoon, Wingello, Penrose, and even Welby. This is because ticks travel on their hosts  - Australian fauna such as kangaroos, bandicoots, wombats, (and also feral cats) which can travel long distances. Furthermore, if you do wander down to the coast, paralysis ticks are ubiquitous there. I strongly recommend treating your pets and being vigilant checking them if you travel there.  


For peace of mind I recommend a high quality parasite control at the onset of Spring, with 6 months protection, and if your pet has a lot of coat, consider clipping them to make finding any ticks (or even mange) much easier.  NexGard Spectra covers dogs from paralysis tick, heartworm, all-wormer, fleas, and flea allergy dermatitis, mites and mange (wombat mange). Alternatively, Bravecto is also a high quality and reputable brand which covers ticks, fleas, worms, mites and mange (but not worms or heartworm).


The cost of parasite control is between $80 to $180, depending on the weight of your pet, whereas treatment in hospital for paralysis tick could cost between $1500 to $3000, without guarantee of your pet surviving tick toxin.

As a limited offer to our vet hospital’s pets, we’re giving away NexGard goodie-bags to the first 20 clients who purchase NexGard Spectra (3 or 6 month) at our clinic. Includes one month NexGard Spectra, a dog waste holder (with disposable bags) and a KONG play ball!

If you have any questions about how to best protect your dog from paralysis ticks, or what to do if you find one, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Mittagong Vet Hospital during hospital hours - on Ph. 4872 2028, or email vets@mittagongvet.com.au


We hope you take special care and stay safe - during lockdowns and beyond - and we look forward to seeing you again sometime at Mittagong Vet Hospital!


Dr Keith


Dr Keith McKellar Stewart  BVSc

Veterinary Surgeon

Mittagong Veterinary Hospital