The Rules of Play in Our Local Parks.

The Rules of Play. Dogs in our local parks. 
As a general rule of thumb your dog must be:

  1. Well socialised with other dogs and people.
  2. Up to date with vaccinations.
  3. Be on regular parasite control for fleas and worms.
  4. Responsive to commands such as ‘come’, ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.
  5. Owners must be prepared to pick up their pet’s droppings. (Please take some disposable loo bags). 

Many off-leash parks provide disposable bags complimentary, however they may run out. Some off and on leash parks may not have them at all, so be prepared by bringing them with you on outings with your pet.

Hefty fines apply if you don’t pick-up after your dog. 

Always enter and leave the leash-free parks with your dog restrained on a leash. Some of these parks have children’s playgrounds nearby, and are on busy roads. 

Visit the council’s website link below for a comprehensive list on their guidelines for proper etiquette for their off-leash parks and other areas. 

WSC Dog Park Rules

Mittagong Dog Park

Bowral Dog Park