Roy (the boy) Deserves his Bravery Award!

Please welcome Roy the Corgi!

Roy certainly earned his Bravery Award today, having the ‘royal jewels’ surgically removed (otherwise called castration!)by Dr Keith at Mittagong Veterinary Hospital! He managed to maintain his bold, positive attitude despite his predicament. Chin up and tally-ho! Let’s give a royal wave to dear Roy.

Roy the Boy (no longer)



Roy is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi — (or colloquially ‘the Welsh wombat’). They are described as ‘a big dog in a small package’. These little herders pack a fine royal punch when it comes to personality and performance; strong, bold, tenacious, friendly and affectionate, without being needy. Quick and agile, they are long and low to the ground. Originally bred for herding cattle in Pembrokeshire, Wales (they are the smallest of the herding dog breeds).

They can be impossible to tire out, and if left to their own devises can become a bit calamitous. Hence, they’ll never turn down an invitation for a hike! Their high energy was developed alongside their physical shape and attributes to do their job efficiently;

1. Their strong, low form is perfect for nipping and barking alongside cattle.

2. Their alert, bold intelligence makes them a natural chief executive of the paddock.

3. They maintain a resolute loyalty to their master

4. Look at those magnificent big fox-like ears; the mark of an excellent watchdog!

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is said to have had over 30 Corgis throughout her 68-year reign? Perhaps HRH knew something about keeping so many corgis nearby, at all times? The best security detail you could ever ask for, we say! And, like the Queen, Corgi’s share a great love for their people. ‘Rule Britannia'.

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