Ringtail Possum Magic!

Viewer Warning! This image contains extremely adorable content of a baby Ringtail Possum.

This little baby Ringtail Possum was brought into Mittagong Vet this weekend by a wonderful local. Found on its own with no mum in sight in Bowral.
Ringtail Possum
Dr Keith inspected the little precious Aussie nocturnal marsupial, which thankfully was very plump, healthy and robust, albeit still ‘very baby’. Our amazing and tireless WIRES local volunteers have taken baby Ringtail to be rehabilitated, until it's big and strong enough to be released back into the wild nightlife of Bowral.

Its scientific name is Pseudocheirus peregrinus, its distinctive tail is curled up in a coil when it’s ‘relaxing’. A fun peregrinus fact; when the mum is busy feeding, dad possum will look after the baby by carrying it on its back. That’s right, the Common Ringtail is the only species of possum currently known whereby the male helps care for the young. Cool!

If you find a lost or injured Ringtail possum, or an Australian native animal that’s lost or injured, call WIRES on 1300 094 737 and follow the prompts and advise, or contact your nearest vet, so they can assess the animal and liaise with WIRES directly. You can find out more at WIRES.ORG.AU

Thank you kind local, thank you WIRES, and wishing sweet baby Ringtail Possum all the very best in rehabilitation!

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