Pugs Squared!

Meet Hank & Hector, local stylish Pug-lads.

They each spent a day at Mittagong Vet this week. Don’t panic! It was just some routine ‘Pug-business’ (well actually castration) with Dr Keith. ‘Multum in parvo’ is the official latin motto for the Pug, meaning ‘a great deal in a small space’. Hank and Hector certainly pack a punch in the cute department.

Pugs Hank and Hector

Fun Pug Facts: #DidYouKnow

Pugs may be trending-right-now, but these little darlings are actually one of the oldest dog breeds about, let's #throwbackthursday to Imperial China where they were lap-dog of choice. Then called ‘lo-chiang-sze’, or ‘the Foo dog’, they hung out with Emperor Ling of Han (156-189AD), who liked his Foo’s so much he gave them equal status to his wives.

During Medieval Holland, Pugs were so liked by people, even William the Silent, founder of Holland’s royal House of Orange, couldn’t keep quiet about his fabulous Pugs: He named them the official mascot for the House of Orange. Respect! We can see why they’ve been so admired over the ages, they have large expressive faces, love their food, have a cute snore, are both mischievous and nice, conveniently compact and rather solid. They come in three timeless varieties:


2. Apricot-fawn with a black face mask

3. Black

Pug owners today say their Pugs are happy companions, be in the city or country, with young or old, they are content little dogs. We’re sure if the great Confucius was asked about the breed, he may have replied; “be like the Pug; whatever the circumstances, he is content.”

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