Pet Dental Care

Just like human beings, dogs, cats and other pets need to have their teeth taken care of in order to maintain great dental health throughout their lives. Strong, healthy teeth will help them chew and digest their food properly and reap the full nutritional benefits from their meals. To keep your pet’s teeth sparkling clean and avoid pet dental care costs piling up later in their lives, there are a few things you can do to support proper gum health.

Pet dental care facts you may not know

  • Cats and dogs do need extra help for healthy teeth — You may have heard that pets don’t need any intervention to have a perfect dental record, however, this isn’t strictly true. In the past, issues like periodontal disease may have been ignored or overlooked by owners and vets, but modern veterinary knowledge is better at identifying these diseases today. Even if your pet’s teeth seem fine, it’s important to book regular checkups with their vet to monitor any dental diseases that may be developing.
  • Diet is important, but it’s not everything — Giving your pet dental treats to help clean their teeth is a helpful preventative measure for keeping tooth decay at bay. Important too is their overall diet — avoid anything with too many sugars and complex carbohydrates, as these can cause plaque buildup and eventual decay. Whole foods and natural protein are the best choices for both dog’s and cat’s dental care. Beyond what they eat, pets need extra attention to keep their oral health functioning as it should, and pet food alone isn’t enough to look after their teeth and mouth health.
  • Tooth brushing — When started as pups, regular tooth brushing will stop the slow process of tooth decay. If you notice your pet has bad breath, this is a sign that they need more thorough and regular brushing with special animal toothpaste. If you don’t see an improvement or are unable to brush your pet’s teeth, a professional teeth clean may be in order. The pet dental care costs of a clean are well worth it when you consider the alternative may be tooth extraction under anesthetic and generally ill health which can accompany dental disease.

Keep your pet happy and healthy with a consultation at Mittagong Vet Hospital & Clinic

Proper pet dental care is a lifelong task that any responsible owner needs to be aware of, but with healthy habits and vigilance, you can set them up with a healthy smile for their whole lives.

Whether you have a puppy or kitten, or a mature pet, regular vet consultations will keep them in top condition from their ears to the tip of their tail. At Mittagong Vet Hospital & Clinic, we can help you look after your pet to ensure their health and happiness. From giving you valuable pet dental care facts to our dentistry services, we’ll give your furry friends the expert care they deserve.