“My name is Rosie and I’m Not Allowed to Chase Snakes Anymore!”

“My name is Rosie, and I’m not allowed to chase snakes anymore.”

Rosie’s a very lucky tabby cat! She loves downtime in the garden, sunbaking, and exploring the great outdoors beyond the back-fence (a girl after our own heart). Unfortunately, one of Rosie’s famous field-trips ended up in hospital; Rosie was the victim of a snakebite this week. Yikes! Thankfully her attentive and clever owners knew exactly what to do; get her straight to the vet. After receiving lifesaving treatment by Dr Keith at Mittagong Vet, Rosie made a full recovery. We are so thankful Rosie survived. Stay away from the snakes Rosie and stick to roses!

What do you do if you find a snake in your yard? 1. Stay away from it. And then get your inquisitive pets (and children and husband) inside the house. 2. Don’t try to catch or kill the snake, they’re a protected species, and they are likely to try to defend themselves if they feel threatened. 3. Vice versa, if a snake is inside the house, get outside & lock the house up with the snake in it (and after you’ve removed pets, children, husband outside). 4. Contact a reputable licensed snake catcher to come and find, catch and relocate the snake (somewhere far away).

An experienced snake catcher in the Southern Highlands is Ray McGibbon, his community facebook page @ozstylereptile has useful information about where and when snakes appear and what to do if you find one.

Ray McGibbon’s Facebook community page is https://www.facebook.com/ozstylereptile/ You can also find more information about snakes and snakebites in pets on our blog at www.mittagongvet.com.au

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