Monday's Kookaburra Morning!

Kookie Monday!

This cute little Kookaburra was brought in to Mittagong Vet today by a very kind person. Found on the side of the road, laying down, and clearly stunned by something.

Kookaburra Mittagong Vet Hospital and Clinic

Thank you kind stranger, your fast and kind actions saved Kookie’s life. After a little hospital stay and a thorough assessment by Dr Keith, Kookie was able to go on to our local WIRES for some rehabilitation and rest. Kookie will be back out in the wild of the Southern Highlands faster than you can throw a prawn on the Barbie!

Thank you always to our amazing local wildlife volunteers, they do a tremendous, selfless and important task of taking in and rehabilitating our precious Australian native animals. Thank You WIRES!


Fun Kookie facts: #DidYouKnow

The Kookaburra is a relatively territorial and almost entirely carnivorous bird, unique to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Belonging to the Kingfisher family.

The name ‘Kookaburra’ is actually a modern, westernized loan from the traditional Wiradjuri name for the bird: Guuguubarra. It’s believed the traditional name is taken from the sound the bird makes when they make their laughing cackle call; an onomatopoeia!

Is there a more Australian sound than this ‘merry king of the bush’ laughing? We think not.!


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