Florence says Grab Discounted Nexgard Spectra with Your Dog's Next Vaccination!

The playdates are lining up for Florence the Bulldog because she’s protected from all the parasitic nasties (...& they've heard she’s ‘got a 6 pack’). Your pooch can now be as popular & healthy as Florence, too, simply by taking up our amazing offer;

• Get $20 off NexGard Spectra (6 pack) purchase when your pooch gets an annual Vaccination at Mittagong Vet. Offer runs through March & ends April 8th 2022.

Don’t delay, book pooch in today. Bow-Wow-Wow!

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Terms & Conditions ‘NexGard Spectra 6 Pack & Vaxed’ Promotion

1. The ‘NexGard Spectra 6 Pack & Vaxed’ Promotion (‘The Promotion’) runs from 8am March 4th 2022 to 11.59pm April 8th 2022.

2. ‘The Promotion’ consists of $20 discount (AUD cash) off full-price 6 months supply of NexGard Spectra (6 pack purchase) when a dog has been vaccinated for any or all of annual C3 and/or C5 and/or C7 vaccinations. C5 vaccination is strictly intranasal to receive the promotion.

3. ‘The Promotion’ is only offered for canine vaccinations but sale of the product can be given to a client at the discretion of the Mittagong Vet Hospital’s veterinarian, whereby a feline vaccination is due but the owner owns a canine. See (4) for correct administering of NexGard Spectra to the canine pet.

4. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to administer the Parasite Control strictly to the guidelines, indications and directions for use, given by the manufacturer for NexGard Spectra. The guidelines and directions are provided on the packaging for NexGard Spectra and the product is strictly for dog use only.

5. Mittagong Vet Hospital advises all clients to strictly follow the directions for use and indications on the packaging for NexGard Spectra, and Mittagong Vet Hospital cannot be held responsible for any negligence on the part of clients in their administering the product further to the above-mentioned advice (4).

6. ‘The Promotion’ is run in conjunction with Boehringer Ingelheim.

For more information visit www.boehringer-ingelheim.com.au .