‘Filmhound’ and ‘The Broken Paw’

Sowa Art a Mittagong Veterinary HospitalThe next time you enter the front door of Mittagong Vet Hospital, you might notice two new ‘friends’ greeting you... ‘Filmhound’ and ‘The Broken Paw’ are two exquisite little reproduction artworks by famed German artist Michael Sowa. The artist’s works are whimsical, surreal and almost always feature beautiful animals - which is why we love them! The two works we have in our hospital are some of our favourites by Michael Sowa; a very sorry looking dog wearing a ‘cone-of-shame’ and a sweet little cat waiting at a door with their arm in a sling. We felt they were very fitting for the work of veterinarians, caring for the sick and injured animals. You may also recognise the Filmhound painting from the 2001 French film masterpiece ‘Amelie’ (one of our favourite films of all time). The ‘Filmhound’ artwork was one of many of Sowa’s works featured in the film who all came to life at night, conversing together in Amelie’s apartment while she slept. Be sure to stop and take in these whimsical little masterpieces when you next visit our hospital.

Thank you Michael Sowa for giving the world your vivid, beautiful and whimsical imagination through your art! Dr Keith (and Cecil the grand ginger cat) and staff and pets at Mittagong Vet Hospital

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