Buzandi the Gorilla Turns 30yo! (30 year Challenge)

Since 1991 Mittagong Vet has proudly displayed a souvenir poster of a baby gorilla named Buzandi in our hospital. Generations of clients & pets have been watched over during consults by baby Buzandi for over 30 years. The poster celebrated the second Western Lowland Gorilla ever born at Melbourne Zoo, as part of a conservation breeding program.

We’re thrilled that Buzandi recently turned 30 & is thriving with his ever-growing gorilla family at Hannover Zoo, Germany, where he moved in 2001. Wow, from little Melbourne baby to Clan Chief in Hannover; it’s bigger than the Princess Mary story! Hannover Zoo told us Buzandi is very loved by all the staff & visitors, & that he’s a very good father. He enjoyed a huge birthday celebration on 30 December 2021 in their winter crash-pad (in the warmer months they live at majestic ‘Alf Mountain’ at the zoo). He & family were spoilt with all his favourite treats; Rice cake, coconut, peanuts, all the #vegan treats, & because he’s a proper German resident now, lashings of apple sauce! A magnificent Buzandi 30th birthday poster was sent to us by Hannover Zoo to hang on our wall next to baby Buzandi in our vet hospital. Thank you Hannover Zoo!


#DidYouKnow Buzandi is a Western Lowland Gorilla; a critically endangered primate who live in family groups of up to 10 individuals. Native to central Africa, gorillas are very vulnerable due to habitat loss from human impact like logging, illegal mining, hunting & human-borne diseases. It’s not known how many remain in the wild today as the elusive apes inhabit dense & at times impenetrable jungle, but trends suggest numbers are decreasing with estimations of about 1000 mountain gorillas alive today which is deeply distressing. In a perfect world, Buzandi would safely inhabit the jungles in central Africa. This is why international efforts in conservation breeding programs like Hannover & Melbourne zoos are ensuring that these magnificent animals can survive & thrive, albeit in captivity, to ensure their survival. Furthermore, charity organisation Gorilladoctors.org today sends teams of specialist veterinarians to treat & support gorillas in the wild. Their lifesaving work includes everything from rescuing orphans, medical intervention plus protecting gorillas & their habitats in Uganda, Rwanda & DRC. In honour of Buzandi’s 30th birthday we’re donating to GorillaDoctors.org to support saving gorillas through veterinary intervention.

A very Happy (belated) Birthday to stately silverback Clan Chief, Buzandi! May he enjoy many more birthdays with his ever-growing family :) From Mittagong Vets (Australia)

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Images courtesy of Hannover Zoo with many thanks.