Billy the Biter!

‘Billy the Biter’ says G’day! Dr Keith met with baby Billy this week. It was ‘love at first bite’ for Dr Keith, this adorable bare-nosed wombat & Highlands local, also has a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a nipper.

Billy is a 29 week old orphan, rescued when his mother was hit by a motor vehicle at Bungonia in December. Thankfully he was saved from the pouch & is being raised by dedicated @wireswildliferescue volunteers until he’s old enough to be released back into the Aussie wild. Billy was just 690 grams when rescued but he’s now 2kgs; hitting PB’s & punching above his weight. Due for release in February 2023, we wish Billy the very best in recovery & release next year!

#DidYouknow that #wombat #scat is square? Adding to their individuality & mystique. Bare-nosed wombats (like Billy) are renowned for their distinctive square-ones. It’s unique in the animal kingdom & caused by :

1. Being drier than most poops

2. Super extraction of nutrients

3. A unique 33ft long intestine with special muscles to flatten & batter

4. Having excellent ‘pelvic floor muscles’. ‘Vombatis Ursinus’ communicate by leaving scats on elevated items; rocks, logs, branches, bricks, etc.

Brilliant! If you find an orphan & want to know what to do call WIRES on 1300 094 737 & follow the prompts. You can also contact your local vet (preferably phone first!) as they will take in sick & injured NATIVE animals & get them to WIRES for rehabilitation.

• Let’s go easy & be watchful on country roads, especially at night when precious wombat families are out.

• If you find a hit wombat on the road or happen to hit one please don’t just leave them. Call WIRES on 1300 094 737 to get help on what to do.

• If you know how, check the pouch! Quick action & kindness saves lives.

Thanks for caring Highlanders! #WIRES #mittagong #australia #southernhighlands #billythebiter #marsupial #mittagongvet