All About Pet Desexing

Care and nurturing are key elements to keeping your beloved pet happy and healthy. As a result, sometimes it’s necessary to book them in for a procedure that may not be pleasant in the moment — but the benefits associated far outweigh the short time that your fur baby will feel a little off. De-sexing is one of those procedures. Mittagong Vet understands this and aims to make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible for both you and your pet.

The de-sexing process

When we de-sex a male pet it is referred to as castration. This is where the testicles are removed, which is a somewhat quick procedure given they are beneath a thin layer of skin. A female undergoes spaying. Spaying involves the removal of ovaries and usually the womb as well. The operation is a little more involved for females as their reproductive organs are located deeper within their bodies.

Both procedures require a general anaesthetic, which means you will need to fast your pet much in the same way a human needs to fast before surgery. This is due to anaesthesia sometimes causing a reflux reaction, and if solid material is in the stomach, it can cause complications and risks that are avoidable by having an empty stomach. The ideal age to de-sex your pet is from approximately 3 months to 9 months of age, or before your pet reaches puberty.

Benefits of de-sexing

The biggest benefit of de-sexing your pet is that you are ensuring that there will be no unwanted litters to add to the issue of pets waiting for their forever homes. You will notice when you de-sex a male pet that he will be less likely to develop aggressive tendencies post-puberty. It can also alleviate any embarrassing behaviour — such as the awkwardness of the infamous “leg hump”.

In general, de-sexing can calm your pet down. A de-sexed female will not go on heat, which ensures you do not need to endure potential spotting around your home or have to deal with a litter if she falls pregnant. It also reduces the number of males that may come sniffing around, reducing the potential for fights and any potential injuries that could be sustained. The pet de-sexing cost is a small price to pay for a happier and more peaceful existence for your beloved pet.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss any issues or concerns you may have about de-sexing your pet. As animal lovers, we genuinely care about your pets and their well-being. We look forward to treating your pets with the love and tenderness they deserve.