Coronavirus or Covid-19 Important Client Information


We all find ourselves in very uncertain times with the current coronavirus situation. Panic buying, travel restrictions and cancelled holidays, schools trying out learning from home and offices closing for employees to work from home. No one really knows how it will all unfold.

Mittagong Veterinary Hospital cares about the wellbeing of our patients, clients and staff. We naturally maintain very high standards of cleanliness and disinfection in out hospital but there is no room for complacency. We want to reassure our clients that we:

- Will maintain our high standards of hospital & hand-cleaning in line with gold-standard practices.
- Have upgraded to a policy of alcohol based hand-sanitiser before and after every patient and client interaction.
- Are providing hand sanitiser at reception for our clients to use when you come to visit.

Considering this, we would ask that you please consider the health and safety of our staff in your need to bring your pet to see us. Without our staff, there will not be anyone to see any pets and unfortunately for the veterinary industry, we can’t all just pack up our laptop and work from home for a few weeks. Therefore, we ask that:

If you are unwell or experiencing any sign of fever, sore throat, fatigue, coughing or shortness of breath and your pet needs to be seen for a condition that you think cannot wait:

- Please advise us that you are unwell and stay home.
We can talk to you over the phone to discuss whether we think it is a matter of urgency that we see your pet.
- If we think your pet needs to be seen, ask a well family member or friend to bring your pet in on your behalf.

If you are well and come in to see us, please:

- Maintain a 2-meter distance between you and everyone else.
- Always have your dog on a lead and your cat contained in a cage. Please don't approach other clients or their pets.
- Stand back from the front counter.
- If you need to cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and nose with your elbow and don’t wipe your hands on anything!
- Refrain from bringing children with you (where possible) as the less people in contact with everyone the better.

If you have pets on chronic medications or prescription foods, consider how much you have on hand and if you should have a few weeks spare. At any point along the supply chain, an interruption may end up affecting your pet. Many of our products, especially food, come from overseas (it wasn’t long ago that Royal Canin food was unavailable due to French riots). Freight may be disrupted, warehouses may close, we might be closed.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding on the above. It is a surreal and somewhat weird situation that we all find ourselves in. It is time for all of us to be mindful of the risk we pose to others, not just the risk that others may pose to us.

Keith, Erica, Karen at Mittagong Veterinary Hospital