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Come along and follow our 'Great Tails', stories of interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes educational cases of your fantastic animals and their hoomans.



In this Blog you'll also find What's News, stories and articles of what's happening in the larger world of animal health and well-being.  So you've a new pet - find out something new here.  Want to know what's happening seasonally - watch out for seasonal blog posts. 

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Most of all - enjoy your pets and living in the Highlands! 

Mary Oliver Honours Dogs Poetically

Today we celebrate the International Day of the Dog! Which other domesticated beast has so fondly captured our hearts & imaginations? For over 15,000 years, the care & companionship we’ve developed &...
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Desexing? Who? Me?

“OMG: Woe is me...” Dachy Lydia was completely forlorn whilst brother Bernard incredulous (& a bit discombobulated) when dropped off for their desexing to Mittagong Vet.   Sorry but your Hooman book...
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Paralysis Ticks - Southern Highlands and Beyond

Paralysis Ticks - Southern Highlands and Beyond Did you know that parasitic ticks are their most toxic at the start of the 'season' - being the beginning of Spring?  (Late August to early September)....
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Ticks and Nexgard Promotion 2021

Dear Valued clients & pets During lock down and moving into spring, we may want to enjoy more walks with our dogs. Our local nature reserves are an excellent place to de-stress and ‘get away from it ...
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Great Tails

Watch this space (category) for fascinating stories our wonderful patients!
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New Cat Desexing Laws

News Cat Desexing Laws July 2020 Below is information provided by the NSW Department of Local Government: New Laws for Desexing Cats at 4 months of age. Introduction of annual permits for non-dese...
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